A la carte menu summer 2015

Alder-smokes sturgeon with lemon-mayonnaise foam, wild garlic butter and nettle bread  9 €
Deer carpaccio with Grana Padano shavings, wild rucola and blackberry jelly  9 €
Hot goat cheese volovan with crunchy salad and hazelnut honey  8 €
Manor garden salad with mustard sauce and roasted hemp seeds6 €
Summer cheese selection with wine jelly and cloudberry jam10  €

Manor-style sturgeon broth with steamed pike-perch and organic vegetables6 €
Tomato and coconut milk soup with crispy crissini5 €
Cold beetroot soup with garlic4 €

Oven baked dumplings with meat filling and cheese cover6 €
Mushroom vareniks with sour cream6 €

Pike-perch fillet with roasted tomatoes and pasta nero in coconut-curry sauce13 €
Baked whole Arctic char with filled sweet pepper and kaffir lime sauce19 €

Vegan stir-fry with coconut and ginger8 €
Chickpea stew with forest mushrooms fried in butter8 €

Panko-crusted chicken breast with steamed green vegetables and delicate chili and whipped cream sauce10 €
Grilled goose fillet with cranberry – wine sauce and lightly stir-fried apple and grape salad16 €
Rägavere manor lamb ragout with cherry tomato, basil sauce and Pecorino cheese17 €
Wild boar meat seasoned in yoghurt served with wild garlic butter, mushroom ragout and selected vegetables15 €
Lahemaa forest elk roast with red wine and thyme sauce and honey-sesame vegetables19 €
Bear meat with cranberry sauce, roasted black garlic and potato-celery root gratin39 €

Meringue a la Pavlova served with white cheese cream and red orange sorbet7 €
Light brulee cream with fig jam and macron6 €
Blueberry parfait with vanilla sauce and hibiscus cream6 €
Plain chocolate ice cream with strawberry Margarita tartar6 €
Sagadi manor carrot cake with hazelnuts5 €

Chicken meat in cream sauce served with vegetable dip5 €
Meatball skewers with cold cream sauce and fried potatoes4 €
Meat dumplings with sour cream4,50 €
Vanilla sundae with chocolate chips and strawberry salad3,50 €
Raspberry smoothie with kama3 €