Buffet Menus 2017

BUFFET 1     17 €

Cold buffet

Green salad with Caesar dressing and Grana Padano shavings
Pasta salad with vegetables and ham in mayonnaise sauce
Traditional salt herring fillet with sour cream and onions
Meatballs, spice sauce

Warm buffet
Baked chicken
Breaded flounder fillet
Velvet cream sauce
Oven-baked vegetables
Oven-baked potatoes


Apple ( rhubarb) cake

BUFFET 2   21 €

Cold buffet

Greek salad with feta cheese
Estonian potato salad
Gravlax, herb butter
Pork fillet slices, horseradish sauce

Warm buffet
Braised beef
Oven-baked salmon
Red wine sauce
Orange tasted carrots
Herb potatoes

Roll cake with whipped cream and berries

BUFFET 3    26 €

Cold buffet

Fresh salad, roasted seeds, black garlic and vinaigrette dressing
Chicken salad with mayonnaise sauce
Wild mushroom salad
Cold-smoked salmon fillet, herb butter
Roast beef, horseradish dressing

Warm buffet
Breaded Peipus pikeperch
Wild boar in its own juice
Tartar sauce
Stir-fried vegetables
Potato gratin

Carrot cake with hazelnuts

Buffet menu is served in restaurant only
The minimum size of the group is 20 people