The biota of Lahemaa in autumn

Lahemaa National Park is a place where you can see North Estonian natural biotic communities that have been protected for 40 years (e.g. the primeval forest and reservations) and a shoreline that has been untouched for 50 years. Come and discover Lahemaa’s diverse environment and wide variety of species on a tour given by an experienced nature guide!

You can see the autumn migration of common cranes, where birds that have flown to Estonia from Siberia stop to rest on the fields around Sagadi before moving on to where they will spend the winter. You will have an excellent opportunity to observe the movement of the cranes to the fields of Sagadi to find food for the day and back to the seashore in the evening. At least 2,000–3,000 birds fly over Sagadi each autumn and the largest registered number of common cranes to have flown over the area is 5,200. You will also visit inlets and observe flocks of birds from the order Anseriformes on their Arctic migration. The primeval forests of Kõrvemaa are home to the closest permanent habitat of wolves.

Time: September – October

Languages: Estonian, Finnish, English, Russian

Group size: 4 to 15

Experiences: The migration of common cranes and the Arctic migration

Duration/schedule: 4 days

Day 1
  • Transfer from Tallinn to Sagadi, accommodation, lunch
  • Introduction to the bird species of Estonia: presentation in the Nature School, visits to the manor and the Forest Museum.
  • An evening bonfire and dinner, a walk around the manor park and the surrounding fields: observing the flocks of geese and cranes headed to the shore from the fields.
Day 2
  • Birdwatching near the ruins of the Toolse stronghold by Kunda Bay.
  • Evening outing on the beaver trail near Altja River: you can hear the sounds made by beavers and see geese flying overhead.
Day 3
  • Trip to Kõrvemaa: Kõnnu Suursoo Bog, Lake Paukjärv – a permanent habitat for wolves.
  • Nõmmeveski – Lahemaa’s deepest canyon valley contains a waterfall as well as rapids. The sheltered shoreline and reed thickets of Pärispea, Cape Purekkari – the northernmost point.
Day 4
  • Transfer back to Tallinn
4 kuni 6 people: 580 € per person
6 kuni 10 people: 460 per person
more than 10 people: 360 per person

The price includes:

  • Accommodation in two people sharing standard rooms in RMK’s Sagadi Manor Hotel.
  • 3 breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • An evening in the sauna
  • Transportation from Tallinn to Sagadi and back to Tallinn and to the outing sites
  • Instructor’s fee
  • The use of bicycles, if necessary