Sagadi Manor was nominated for the Most Outstanding Tourist Attraction


We are pleased to announce that Estonian Association of Travel Agents has nominated Sagadi Manor for the Most Outstanding Tourist Attraction.

Since 1990 the Estonian Association of Travel Agents has been declaring The Best Tourism Establishment and since 1992 also the Best Promotor of Tourism, to show the public the importance of the travel industry in Estonia.

A candidate for the Best Object must be well known at the travel market and guarantee impeccable customer service. The choice is also influenced by the novelty of the service, originality, good marketing, quality leap in improving the service level. An important factor upon making the choice is professionalism in communication with other Estonian tourism companies taking international practice as the basis.

Sagadi was nominated for its unique forest museum, educational nature programs offered by the Nature School, different free time activities and wine cellar program. Sagadi has had intensive cooperation with hotels and tourist centers which are located nearby.

Museum NUKU, Põhjaka manor, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and State Forest Management Centre were also nominated for this title. The Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, an undisputed highlight of Estonia's cultural calendar, has won the award for the most outstanding tourist attraction of 2010.

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