Take-away menu

Sagadi Restaurant's new spring menu for pre-ordering and take-away. Coffee, tea, pies, cakes and other delicacies are immediately available on outdoor sale in front of the hotel.

Orders can be placed: 
Wed to Sun 10 am – 5 pm by calling +372 676 7888
You can pick up food Wed to Sun 12 noon – 6 pm

Payment can be made both in cash and by card. If your order is not ready, we would ask you to wait.

We would also ask you to continue adhering to the emergency 2 + 2 rule.

You can find drinks to go with the food here  - drinks menu

Picnic Menu

1. Forest meal sandwich with pulled game meat, pickled cucumber, young shoots, horseradish cream cheese   5€

2. Forest meal sandwich with smoked fish, currant-marinated onion, handmade mustard mayonnaise, young shoots 5€

7. Forest meal sandwich for children – cheese, fresh cucumber and radish 4€

3. Sagadi open cheese pie with spinach or wild mushrooms E 1 slice 3€

3A a whole pie 12 slices 24€

4. Sagadi carrot cake with cream cheese and hazelnuts 1 slice 3€

4A  a whole cake 12 slices 24€

5. Smoked vendace, barley bread, ramson butter 300g EV     5€  

6. Raw buckwheat smoothie with wild berries 250ml   EVGL 3€

Sagadi Restaurant Menu

20. Green salad with smoked elk meat (pickled organic veggies, seeds, vinaigrette dressing) 150g   E       5€

21. Burger – beef patty, cheese, crunchy cucumber, pickled vegetable strips, ginger and onion jam, young lettuce shoots, wild pesto, mustardy mayonnaise dressing 350g 9€

22. Handmade mushroom vareniki, crunchy cucumber, herb sour-cream 350g   EV   7€

23. Handmade meat and onion pelmeni, crunchy cucumber, herb sour-cream 350g   E   7€

24. Peipsi pike pearch, creamy cheese sauce, warm quinoa and vegetable salad   E 12€

25. Roe deer roast, roasted organic root vegetables, wild mushroom sauce EG 12€

26. Warm quinoa and vegetable salad with cheese sauce EVG 12 €

27. Elk kebab in porter sauce, potatoes baked with wild herbs, warm apple and onion salad 12€

40. Chocolate and almond cake with strawberry sprinkle     GL 4€

43. Kama cream with rose-hip sauce   E 3€

41. Barley bread   750g loaf E   4€

42. Ramson butter   100 g E   3€

E – North-Estonian food

G – gluten free

L – lactose free

V – vegetarian food