A la carte menu 2016/2017

Mushrooms in creamy summer savory sauce, puff pastry seed crumble E V   6 €
Sous Vide organic vegetables with goat’s cheese, carrot, beet, parsnip, black garlic E V G 7 €
Trout caviar, sour cream, onion and toast5 €
Estonian venison carpaccio, lingonberries from Lahemaa, Grana Padano chips E G 9 €
Smoked chicken and lens salad, ginger and pumpkin gel, Ripasso fruit mix, quail egg, cherry tomato, pumpkin seed crocant, citrus fruit and mayo sauce 7 €

Creamy fish soup with wild garlic butter, potato, carrot, leek E G
4 €
Zestful vegan tomato and coconut soup V G L
4 €
Meat and onion dumplings, sour cream with herbs, mini tomato and cucumber salad E 7 €
Mushroom vareniki, wild mushroom sauce E V
7 €
Pike fillet, caper sauce, baked potato rosettes, grilled leek and mini tomatoes E
12 €
Grilled trout fillet served on vegetables, wild garlic butter, velvety cheese sauce E G
12 €

Vegetable ragout with peanut butter, grilled soya beans, sweet pepper, zucchini, tomato, peas, pumpkin and ginger sauce or cheese sauce as desired E V G
8 €
Rabbit confit, wok lenses, apple, sweet pepper, zucchini, velvety cheese sauce G
12 €
Hogget ragout from Rägavere, skillet vegetables, dark berry sauce E G L
14 €
Braised wild boar with organic vegetables from neighbouring farm,
creamy mushroom sauce E G
14 €
Elk roast from Lahemaa, red wine sauce, organic vegetables, potato gratin E G 17 €
Bear roast, lingonberry and wine sauce, wild mushroom ragout, baked potato rosette, baked shallot, black garlic E G
 39 €
Cheeses from Annikvere Mansion, gourmet jams from Lahemaa E
 8 €
Chocolate truffle cake with rum, pink lichen, vanilla foam
 6 €
Icy trio – rhubarb sorbet, black garlic parfait, vanilla cream ice-cream E G
5 €
Sagadi carrot cake with hazelnuts, sea buckthorn sauce E
4 €
Roast chicken drumstick E G
 4,50 €
Piglet steak and potato ship E4,50 €
Pancakes with jam and vanilla foam E
 3,50 €
Ice cream mix with berry sauce and crushed cookies
 3,50 €

E – Estonian local food
V – vegetarian food
L – lactose free
G – gluten free