Hotel guest

Dear guest! Welcome to Sagadi Manor Hotel!

We are glad that you have chosen Sagadi Manor for your stay. We hope that the magnificent manor complex, beautiful natural environment, comfortable conditions and friendly team will make your stay a memorable experience.


This summer, the hotel offers both buffet breakfast and pre-ordered breakfast. In the latter case, we ask you to fill in the breakfast sheet at reception, where you can indicate your food and beverage preferences and the time of breakfast, and a separate table will be laid with food for you only.

Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant on Mon – Sun from 8 to 10 am. Earlier or later breakfast can be ordered by arrangement with the reception. On request, breakfast can be ordered in the room by informing the hotel reception no later than the previous evening. The room service surcharge is 15 €. Extra breakfast for non-accommodating guests is12 € / person.


Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms, the lobby, the restaurant and the conference rooms. Guests can use a network called RMK-PUBLIC with the password R0h3l1n3M3t5 (RohelineMets, all vowels are numbers).

Calling from the hotel room

Hotel reception   9000
Hotel restaurant 9099
Calling another room 90 + room number (01-29)


 All rooms at the Sagadi Hotel are non-smoking! Smoking is allowed on the balconies of the ground floor rooms or on the lobby terrace. In case of smoking in the rooms there is a fine of 50 € / time.

Reception shop

Soft drinks, light snacks, alcohol, sweets, souvenirs and necessity items are available at the hotel reception 24 hours a day.

Night rest

The reception of guests in the hotel room is allowed until 23:00, after which guests are kindly requested to register for stay at an additional cost. The night rest at the hotel is from 23:00 until 06:00.


Please leave the hotel room keys at the reception desk when leaving the hotel. If you lose or take the key, you will have to pay a compensation of 25 €.

First aid

In case of health problems, please inform the hotel administrator, who will contact specialists if necessary. In case of emergency, please call the reception number 9000 or emergency number 112.


Pets are welcome in the hotel in rooms without carpets, at an additional cost of 25 € / animal. Pet owners are responsible for the peace and security of other hotel guests and for the preservation of hotel property.

Check-out from the hotel
On the day of departure, we ask you to vacate the room no later than at 12 noon. Later check-out is possible by agreement with the administrator at an additional cost. Please leave the hotel key at the reception desk upon departure.

Fire safety reminder to visitors

Please refer to the evacuation plan of the building, the location of the exits closest to your room and the location of the fire-fighting equipment, which is indicated on the evacuation plan on the door of the room.

If a fire is detected, immediately notify the administrator by phone 9000 and the rescue service by phone 112.

To prevent possible accidents, please:

·         meet the established fire safety regulations and the relevant orders of the administration. When leaving the room, turn off all electrical equipment and lights;

·         do not place flammable materials on switched-on indoor lights and do not store flammable materials in the hotel room;

·         acquaint yourself with the evacuation plan of the building and the floor and the emergency exits;

·         notify the administrator immediately of any faults in the electrical and heating systems that could cause a fire.


If there is a fire in the room:

Keep calm and take immediate action to put out the fire, and if that does not work: close the window, leave the room, close the (unlocked) door, use the nearest exit and report the incident to the administrator.

In the event of an emergency situation, you will hear a continuous ringing of the alarm.

Leave the house immediately according to the evacuation plan, close the door behind you, gather in front of the hotel. If the corridor is full of smoke or if it is not possible to leave the room, stay in your room. If smoke enters the room, cover the door edges and ventilation openings with water-soaked blankets and sheets. Report yourself by phone, shouting through the window, waving, or flashing lights.

Additional options

To make your holiday with us meaningful in every way, we offer various leisure opportunities from saunas and bicycle rental to various hikes and workshops. For more information, please contact the hotel reception or read our  website.

You will definitely find lots of exciting and discoverable places in our immediate  vicinity, like Käsmu Captains Village, RMK hiking trails, bogs, native forests and beautiful sandy beaches

We wish you a pleasant stay at Sagadi Manor and you are always welcome to come back!

Wishing you memorable moments, 

the team of Sagadi Manor Hotel